Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fairy Tales Happy Hour at NOON SLT!!

Today at NOON SLT it is Happy Hour at the Chateau!

Put on your dancing shoes and be the best in our Trivia!

Theme this week is to come as your favo Fairy Tales character.

Price of 500L for best Fairy Tales outfit!

And cash Lindens for right Trivia answers too!

Your lovely hostesses today are sisters Dara and maré.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Hour at NOON SLT ! !

Yes, there is another Happy Hour today at NOON SLT!
Yes, there will be another trivia to test your knowledge!
Yes, you should put on your dancing shoes, but it should be eastern ones, as the theme is: Arabian Nights!

Dust of your Arabian outfits!
We all have a sexy silk in our invent :)
Masters, put on your turbans and your best dancing shoes!
Cash Prize of 500L for Best Arabian Outfit at our Happy Hour today!
Think sexy..... !

NOON SLT at Le Chateau de Roissy!
Cash lindens also for right answers in our Trivia! See you there!

Your lovely hosts for the evening are our sisters Ellie and Dara.

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Show of Thankfulness.

Our Photo contest is beginning and will run through Thanksgiving.

Use this contest to show your greatest gift of thankfulness to your Master/Mistress or lovely submissive.

Voting is open so join now get your voting in.

I look forward to seeing all the amazing photos of thankfulness.

Slint Dezno

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Hour ! !

We are pleased to announce today at 12pm slt, Le Chateau will be having it's very first happy hour!

We will be having a fun Quiz on the "Story of O ", prizes will be awarded for correct answers.

Masters, Mistress's Submissive come on down and enjoy a relaxing hour of dancing, drinking and relaxation...

Today's theme...TOPLESS !!

Your Hosts, Ellie & Dara