Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Story of Roissy in Second Life

Today, 28th of August 2013, it has been six years since Megan Fabre and Marian Wildcat founded the first English speaking Story of O sim in Second Life: Roissy. There were attempts before from others, but they were the first to make it a huge success. A growing family community was created and soon they needed to expand. I was there when they bought the second sim and they invited me to introduce my galleries of erotic art at Roissy, which I gladly did.

O in the book and movie was a photographer too, so art and the Story of O are always related in my point of view. There is the art of photography, there is the art of submission and there is the art of Domination. The Roissy sim in Second Life combines the best of all three. A third sim was added for residential purposes. Then all of a sudden the founders had to sell all three sims. It’s hard to find someone who wants to buy three sims, but Minh Ahn saved us and became the new owner of Roissy. She developed the second sim into an art district with more galleries being added to it, and new events being introduced for the Roissy community.

Owning three sims is not an easy thing to do, so a year later she sold the sims to Joanna Coage, who again helped our Roissy community to survive. I am forever grateful for the founders to have created Roissy and for all the previous owners to keep the sim alive. After a year, Joanna saw that owning the three sims was too much of a good thing, and she sold each of them separately. Each sim got a new owner and every sim developed into separate D/s communities with each developing their own traditions.

The first and main sim was bought by Slint Dezno who now, three and a half years later, still owns it and has turned Roissy into a peaceful D/s community where all are welcome to play and live according common sense rules of respect and fun. Everyone who knows Slint Dezno also knows he is a man who knows what he wants. I will never forget the first time he and I met and we got into a big discussion right away. We soon became friends, because I like people who know what they want, and I also think it's an attribute that helps one to manage a D/s community like Roissy.

Smart men know there needs to be a strong woman too to run a place like Roissy, and Slint is smart all right, he found a true Anne-Marie de Samois in Jeanette Radek to manage the sim with him as his confidant and main right hand. Jeanette is a Domme like no other, and I am sure Roissy exists still today because of her wisdom and her guidance to the community.

Slint took control of the sim like I never saw someone do before. Yes, there were people who did not like that, but it brought the peace to the community that was needed to rebuild it. Every change of owner of the sim brought new changes, and I know some members were sad to see the old build of the Chateau go, which was a wonderful replica of the Chateau in the movie and build by the talented Deusen Marx. The new Chateau, a build by Jake Molinaro, is another replica after the description of the Chateau in the book.

Both builds, the old and the new, are dear to me, and the old one has been rebuild at one of the other sims. The current Chateau has more possibilities to have IC rooms, OOC rooms and event rooms, and is truly the center of the sim. This means that where people in the old days used to go to the Moulin to chat and to the Palais for events, the new Chateau now has all functions combined in one: chat, play and party.

In the first five years of Roissy, I was never involved in the management of the sim. I only managed my own galleries and organized some workshops and (art) events. A few months ago my dear friend Jeanette asked me to share the Anne-Marie role with her. We are currently reviewing the concept of the sim, its rules and applications, and we have started with a small make-over of the sim too. It's a process, but we think it is time for some changes to be made. Changes that I hope will bring old and new members together on a sim that we all love so much for the exact same reason: The Story of O.

So congratulations to the Roissy Community!

We will celebrate its 6th Birthday with events in September, when we will also present the new concept of the Roissy sim. You may want to mark your calender: the 28th and 29th of September will be our Celebration Time!

See you at Roissy!

28th of August 2013,

Zena Zemlja,
Anne-Marie de Samois.

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