Wednesday, October 2, 2013

* * * * * * * * A Wonderful Celebration !! * * * * * * * *

For those of you who missed the party:
we had a wonderful celebration of Roissy's 6th Anniversary!

We had great music with our One and Only DJane Nessa!
And we had awesome Nessa Fireworks!

As a surprise at the party our Madame Nessa proposed to her O Mia
and she happily accepted!

The new Updated Exhibit of The Jewels of Roissy was officially opened:
awesome photos of our Roissy members
by our talented sim photographer Laura Demonista.

We have a new Miss Roissy 2013: Ellie Siabonne!

And two (!) Misters Roissy 2013:
Master Ash Siabonne and Master MeGaByTe Pienaar!

Prizes were handed out to all winners and contestants
with the compliments of sponsors Inspirations and Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit.

Miss Roissy 2013 Ellie Siabonne & Mister Roissy 2013 Ash Siabonne 
with their daughter Messmerise
(photo by Laura Demonista)

Mister Roissy 2013 MeGaByTe Pienaar
with Madame Zena and Subordonnée Odilia
(photo by Laura Demonista)

We had our members dancing all night long, new members and also old members returning to their home sim, and we welcomed them all with open arms.

We are currently working on a photobook of the newly updated exhibit.
A few of you who missed the photoshoot can still contact Laura to get your picture up and published in the book.

See you all at our renewed Roissy 2013!

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