Monday, October 28, 2013

The Roissy Herald - 28th of October 2013

New Beginnings.

On the 28th of August, The Roissy Community remembered their foundation, which was 6 years ago. We announced a sim make over and a new concept for role playing at the Chateau. We also announced a party to celebrate the official opening of Roissy on the 29th of September.

On the 28th of September 2013 we presented our new rules and roles. A new application process makes it much easier now to join our Roissy Family and there are more possibilities for everyone to roleplay at the Chateau.

That same Saturday we also made a start with the renewed series of D/s workshops by Zena Zemlja, in the Garden of the Lighthouse Gallery. These are Body, Mind & Spirit workshops about the D/s dynamics and how they touch our spirit, that ran in Roissy's old days as well, back then in the Roissy University for those who remember.

On Sunday 29th September, we had a wonderful party for our 6th Anniversary. We welcomed back home one of our founders, Marian Wildcat with her Mistress Lilas Meriman. Current sim owner Slint Dezno and His Merc were present as well. Old and new members celebrated together while our DJane Nessa was spinning the tunes. And we had some awesome fireworks!

A New Miss Roissy, Ellie Siabonne, and two Misters Roissy, Ash Siabonne and MeGaByTe Pienaar, were chosen by our members to wear the Miss Roissy 2013 and Mister Roissy 2013 Title.

The updated exhibit in the ballroom 'The Jewels of Roissy' was opened, and our sim photographer Laura Demonista did a wonderful job completing the collection with great images of our current members.
She also made an exclusive image for our Community to celebrate our 6th Anniversary. It is exhibited at the entrance of the Chateau and a free gift for all Roissy members.
She recently added a wonderful image on an easel for Breast Cancer Awareness as well. This one is for sale at the entrance of the Chateau, and warmly recommended.

Last month, we welcomed back in our community: Sister of O Dara, Sister of O toy (madison), Roissy Mistress Tinuviel, Roissy Master Michael and His Subordonnée Lucy, Master Ainsworth and His Subordonnée Sacha, Sister of O Spirit, Sister of O Dawn, and Mistress Liselotte.

We welcomed new in our family: Master Abso and His Subordonnée Maria, Sister of O Ayla, Sister of O Aimee, Master Robyn, Master of Darkness (MOD), Sister of O maré, Mistress Cassaundra, Master Quinta and Sister of O Vashti, Master Abalbion and Sister Nai, Master Belair, and Master Aquiles.

We welcomed new in our staff: Master Ash Siabonne, Madame Nessa (MistressVanessaPython), and Master of Darkness (MOD) who now help us with the interviews.

--- --- ---

Where we go from here.

We want Roissy to be a place where everyone feels welcome and feels at ease to meet their friends and play with them at the Chateau. We will continue the physical make over of the sim, pathways and landscaping will be further adjusted, some builds may be replaced as well. We also have some ideas for a new market and we are working on a whole new concept for Samois, which will add new roleplay possibilities for our community.

On Thursday 31th of October from 1pm till 4pm Roissy has its Halloween Party! Winners of the Halloween Photo Contest will be announced, and there are also prizes for best Halloween avie/outfits at the party! There still is time to join the photo contest, you find the contest board on the Roissy Market. Joining is for free! Voting only is 10L. Enter with your best Halloween pic and invite your friends to come and see!

The series of D/s workshops will still be running in October and November. Later this year, other workshops will be introduced as well. Some Body, Mind & Spirit workshops with an Xmas and New Year theme, and some Story of O Workshops that ran in the old days of Roissy as well.

There is a Xmas Party scheduled on 22th of December from noon till 4pm. You may want to mark your calenders already! We are also working on regular events, like a weekly happy hour, monthly dance parties, greedy contests, trivia contests, and whatever else may come up in our deviant minds. First Happy Hours is scheduled for Sunday 3rd of November, hosted by our lovely girls Ellie and Dara.

We advice you to keep watching this space. You will be notified about all new developments and events!

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