Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Rules, Roles and Application Process

Today Roissy presents its new Rules, Roles and Application Process. The changes intend to make it easier for you to join our Roissy Community and to give everyone more possibilities for Role Play at the Chateau.

We only kept a few RP Titles for the Chateau: Roissy Master, Roissy Mistress, Sister of O and Subordonnée. What these titles mean and what their priviliges are, you can read if you click the 'Roissy Roles' button on top of this page.

We have no visitor tag anymore, no dominant tag or soumise tag either. Everyone who had one of these tags in group has now gotten the Roissy Family tag. This has become the new 'everyone' tag and it gives you the possibility to some RP in some rooms of the Chateau.

We have no Valet or Demoiselle titles anymore either. These were the Dom/mes and subs who already were interviewed and were working on their tasks to get their Master/Mistress or Sister title. Since we have decided to not work with tasks anymore and one interview only, all prior Valets in group have been granted their Master or Mistress title, and all Demoiselles have been granted their Sister of O title as well. Congratulations for all of them are in order. Please make them feel welcome in their new community role.

Our rules are intended to encourage people visiting, meeting, interacting and roleplaying. We all login to SL to have a good time. Roissy is a place where you can find this in an adult setting, inspired by the famous erotic novel Story of O (Histoire d'O) by Pauline Réage.

All of our guidelines can be summed up in this: Use common sense, be respectful, be civil, be tolerant. And enjoy your stay! Click the 'Roissy Rules' button on top of this page to read our new Roissy Rules. 

The 'Roissy Membership' button on top of this page will tell you how to become a member. We cannot make things more easy then this, and we trust you to use these new possibities and privileges well for your own and other's enjoyment. 

Be welcome to our New Roissy 2013!

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