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Roissy SIM Rules ~ 28th of September 2013

Welcome to Roissy!

You are visiting the first English speaking Story of O SIM in Second Life, founded 28th of August 2007, and officially opened 29th of September 2007.

Our rules are intended to encourage people visiting, meeting, interacting and roleplaying. We all login to SL to have a good time. Roissy is a place where you can find this in an adult setting, inspired by the famous erotic novel Story of O (Histoire d'O) by Pauline Réage.

All of our guidelines can be summed up in this: Use common sense, be respectful, be civil, be tolerant. And enjoy your stay!

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1. A Story of O themed SIM.

All behavior in RP should be within the context of the Story of O. Read the Story of O online here: or buy the book at your local book store or online.

Outside the Chateau and the residential homes, you are encouraged to be fully dressed unless continuing out a current Roleplay. Submissives may be topless, as this is within the theme of the SIM. Dress according the theme of the SIM. Roissy Masters and Mistresses were from the French upper class, this being said formal classy attire is encouraged and recommended, especially when entering the Chateau. Sisters are encouraged to wear a dress of O in the IC rooms of the Chateau.

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2. OOC versus IC areas.

When you visit Roissy SIM, you have no obligation to RP. We welcome you to meet your friends and to have a good time Out-Of-Character (OOC) of any D/s role. We have however created a SIM for those with an appreciation for the Story of O, so we welcome you to use the In-Character (IC) areas at the Chateau for your D/s Role Play.

* IC Rooms at the Chateau:
- Library: Role Play Area for members with RP Title Only (Masters, Mistresses, Sisters and Subordonnées).
- Bedroom: Private Role Play Area for all members of the Chateau. When occupied, please do not disturb.
- Dungeon: Public Role Play Area for all members of the Chateau (TP in the back of the Foyer of the Chateau).
- Pit: Public Role Play Area for all members of the Chateau (outside the Chateau, on the left downstairs).

As a Master, Mistress or Sister you may invite members with a Roissy Family tag to meet you at the Library and invite them to Role Play.

Please appreciate the fact that it will be very difficult for people to get into "RP mood" if you keep on chatting about the weather or the latest football match. If you just feel like chatting please use the OOC-designated areas for that.

* OOC rooms at the Chateau:
- Bar
- Ballroom
Ground floor of the Chateau is meant as OOC area and available for everyone for meeting, chatting and dancing. Visitors should join the Chateau group and wear the Roissy Family tag (everyone role). Wearing this tag, they may also use the public RP areas of the Chateau (dungeon and pit) and the private RP bedroom on second floor.

Always wear your Chateau Title when in the Chateau. Use the bedroom for private RP in IM. Use the library for RP in chat, for everyone to enjoy. Please make sure you have time to play before you start a scene.

Everybody experiences BDSM style RP in his or her own way. When you watch an RP session, there is a fair chance that the RP is not in the way you would play it yourself. Please appreciate that, give everyone room to live his or her own life and fantasies on Roissy. As a community of respect and exploration we all must understand that another may find our "style of play" offensive. If this does happen, please remain respectful and work out your differences as adults. If a compromise cannot be made, taking your roleplay to private rooms may be a viable solution.

--- --- ---

3. Safe, Sane and Consensual.

* All RP on Roissy SIM is always SSC: Safe, Sane and Consensual. This means all play is has to be within people's consensual limits. And everything you do should not involve risks that are not considered to be safe and sane. Read more about SSC here:,_sane_and_consensual

* Before starting RP, find out (OOC) if it fits the other person's agenda. It might be that he or she has to leave soon, or has other reasons to decline. Just a short OOC IM will avoid disappointment.

* We encourage submissives to put their preferences and limits in their profiles. If any RP does not feel like fun to you, say so in IM OOC. You always have the right to say no and you always have the right to stop a play.

* As a sub, we also recommend the possible use of a safeword. Using safeword will immediately stop all play and never has consequences other than being (emotionally) safe. You may have your own safeword or maybe you like to use the traffic light system. If you use your own safeword, be sure your RP partner knows what it is. Communication is the key to any good Role Play.

--- --- ---

4. SIM RP Limits.

* At Roissy we play within the SIM limits. This means first of all, according ToS (Terms of Service and Community Standards of SL), NO ageplay will be tolerated. Other than that your play needs to be within the kinks known from the Story of O. This means: NO bathroom play, NO breathplay, NO snuff/dolcett.

* In RP scenes where punishment and correction is involved, there are two general rules: the submissive should be allowed to maintain her or his dignity, and punishment may not invoke permanent body damage. Which means:
- The use of humiliation should always be consensual, and within the SIM and Story of O guidelines.
- No whips or torture equipment that, in RL, would cause permanent damage. Heavy bullwhips, knifes, axes, spears, guns etc. are not allowed.
- Punishment may not last for extended periods of time. As a rule of thumb, 30-45 minutes is the maximum. As another rule of thumb, the number of whiplashes in a session should be limited to keep with the fantasy of the realism, depending on the played force the lashes are given with.

* This is a NO-Combat SIM, which means NO weapons can be used.

* This is an "adults only" area with adult play, which means we will NOT allow child avatars.

--- --- ---

5. D/s protocol.

* How to address others.
- Visitors are addressed as Sir or Miss by Chateau submissives.
- Chateau Masters and Mistresses are addressed as Master or Mistress by Chateau submissives (individual submissives orders from their personal Master or Mistress will always be respected when it comes to addressing another Master/Mistress)
- Anne-Maries are addressed as Madam (English) or Madame (French) by Chateau submissives.
- Sisters and Subordonnées are addressed by their Display first name / forename (they also where in the Story of O, with the exception of O, and this letter has a meaning of its own).

Although addressing according the above is a part of RP, we encourage you to always address people accordingly, at OOC areas as well, or at least to use 'Sir' and 'Miss' to show your respect as a submissive to SIM Dominants.

* When to kneel.
Sisters of O are expected to kneel as a sign of respect in the IC areas of the Chateau when called to the side of a Master or Mistress, unless ordered otherwise. Submissives may otherwise recline on the pillows on the floor in the library as described in the Story of O. In the OOC rooms and outside the Chateau, there is no need to kneel for anyone. If it makes you feel comfortable to do so, you may, but no one (other than your owner) should order you to do so.

* OOC means you are allowed to act out of character. It does not mean you would not be allowed to RP. It means however you cannot expect others to be in a RP mood as well. Chances are you will rather find someone in the mood for play in one of the IC rooms. In OOC areas, meeting and chatting comes first.

* IC means you are allowed to RP. It does not mean you would not be allowed to meet and chat. It does mean you have to respect the RP of others and encourage their play by taking your chat about the weather to an OOC area or to IM. In IC areas, RP always has first priority.

--- --- ---

6. Emoting.

When emoting, always allow the other person to respond before saying anything further. Not everyone responds at the same speed, so be patient, there's no hurry, enjoy the scene as it unfolds. If you feel you need more help with this matter, please feel free to ask; there are many well qualified and experienced "Role-players" who can help.

A few suggestions:
* Start your emoting with /me followed by describing what you do in third person in present tense.
* Emote only your own actions, thoughts and feelings. Let your partner decide on where their hands are, how aroused or wet they are, and what they are thinking, feeling or saying.
* Keep your emoting to one sentence at a time with a reasonable length of maximum two lines on the screen. You are interacting, so give your partner some space to read and respond. Too many long sentences can be a turn off to read, and so can be repeated one word responses.
* Animations are secondary and are intended to only add to the experience, not replace it, what's said is the most important, vividly describe what you’re doing and what you’re feeling.
* Change an animation or pose after your partner responds. It's even better if you emote what you intend to do before you do it.
* Make an effort to let your partner know what you are doing, thinking, and feeling. Be sexy, involved and creative. Make their time worthwhile being spend with you.

--- --- ---

7. Privacy.

* Private residences (homes surrounding the perimeter) on the SIM are just that, private. You can only enter them with permission of the owner. This goes for the private home itself, but also for the private parcel the home is on. Don't walk through fences or doors without being invited. Do not ever TP to someone on a private parcel by map or radar without their prior consent.

--- --- ---

8. Miscellaneous.

* In the Chateau, you are encouraged to walk into the room and walk out again if you leave, given lag and time allows you to do so. Lag, crashes or RL emergencies may cause you to teleport or log out while in the room, but when possible we ask you to try and prevent it.

* If you crash and you are not able to get in within 15 min after your crash, people may not expect you back. In which case it probably is best to select logging in home, to prevent landing on a non-free area. You also will also want to respect the privacy of RP in the bedroom. So if you crashed there, be sure to login home if logging back in takes you more than 15 min.

* Rezzing is allowed for members of the Chateau, but ONLY for RP purpose and of course you clean up after the RP. To place something permanent, ask permission FIRST from the SIM Management.

* Some people like to be here in SL who they are in their RL. Others use this virtual world to play their fantasies. At Roissy both groups are welcome. If you only want to play with people who will voice verify for you, it might be wise to put this as a condition for RP in your profile. If you, for whatever reason, won't voice verify, it might be wise to put this as a limit in your profile. Nobody can force you to voice verify. Nobody can force you into a RP without it either. It can be part of the negotiations before you start a play. We will not voice verify anyone for you. Who you want to RP with is your own choice and responsibility.

--- --- ---

9. Roissy Management.

Roissy is managed by SIM owner Slint Dezno with the help of three estate managers. The Daily management is in the hands of Jeanette Radek and Zena Zemlja, assisted by Mercedes Lax on Slint Dezno's behalf. Staff members help the Management with the applications for the Chateau.

If someone would not behave according the rules, you may want to give them a copy of this document. Always be civil if you do not agree with another person's behavior. Try to settle any differences amicably.

If you feel the management should know about a severe misbehavior, then you may send an IM or notecard to them. But please keep in mind that the SIM management is here to have a good time too. So please solve your own personal problems, and only alert them when it is in the interest of the SIM community.

--- --- ---
10. Ban Policy.

* What will get you banned?

- Violations of the SL Terms of Service or Community Standards. These will also be reported to Lindenlab.

- Severe or repeated violations of the SIM rules, or purposely ignoring our guidelines to the extent that other members of the community cannot enjoy themselves anymore. Keep in mind that the SIM managers are members of the community as well.

* What will get you unbanned?

If you want your ban to be lifted, you will have to contact Slint Dezno with a request to unban you, and explain to him why you would want to come back to Roissy.

--- --- ---

With any questions, contact the Roissy Management: Slint Dezno, Mercedes Lax, Jeanette Radek, or Zena Zemlja.

Roissy, 28th of September 2013.

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