Thursday, September 26, 2013

Roissy Celebrates its 6th Anniversary !!

This weekend, 28th and 29th of September 2013, we celebrate our 6th Anniversary at Roissy !!

* Saturday 5 AM SLT: Presentation new Rules and Roles. 

(14.00 Europe Time / 13.00 UK Time)

We start the weekend on Saturday 5 AM with the presentation of our new Rules and Roles for joining our Roissy Community. The application process will be much easier and there will be more possibilities for everyone to RP at the Chateau. The new rules will be handed out at the Market and the Chateau, and they will also be posted on our new Roissy Blog. The Roissy Management is available in the Chateau from 5 AM till 6 AM to answer all your questions.

* Saturday 7 AM SLT: Miss Roissy and Mister Roissy Contest! 

(16.00 Europe Time / 15.00 UK Time)

All Masters, Mistresses, Sisters of O and Subordonnées can sign up for the contest to become Miss Roissy or Mister Roissy 2013 !! You find the contest board at the Market. Signing up is easy and is for free !! You can sign up till Sunday 7 AM SLT.

* Saturday 11 AM SLT: Workshop 'The Liberating aspect of submission'

(20.00 Europe Time / 19.00 UK Time)

At 11 AM Saturday the first D/s Workshop is the series of BDSM & Spirituality will run at the Lighthouse Garden. This is a Body, Mind & Spirit workshop by Zena Zemlja that has run at Roissy in its early days as well. This series of workshops is about the dynamics in D/s relationships and how it touches our spirit on a deeper level. The first workshop is called: 'The liberating aspect of submission'.

 --- --- ---

* Sunday 7 AM SLT: Vote for your favorite Miss Roissy or Mister Roissy 2013 !! 

(20.00 Europe Time / 19.00 UK Time)

Signing up for the contest ends at 7 AM today and the voting begins! Vote for your favorite Roissy person. Who do you want to be our new Miss Roissy 2013? Who do you want to be our first Mister Roissy 2013? Voting only costs you 10L. That's a lot of fun for only a few lindens!

* Sunday NOON SLT: 6th Anniversary Celebration Party at the Chateau Ballroom! 

- With the opening of the new updated Roissy Jewels Exhibit by Laura Demonista!

- With the announcement of the winners of the Miss Roissy and Mister Roissy Contest!

(21.00 Europe Time / 20.00 UK Time)

We are going to party till we drop! Come and celebrate Roissy's 6th Anniversary in the Ballroom of the Chateau. Wear your most gorgeous formal outfit and dance with all your friends and beloved ones. Your DJane for the evening is our One and Only Nessa !!

Fireworks guaranteed !!

The Miss Roissy 2013 & Mister Roissy 2013 Contest is sponsored by Inspirations
Giftcards will be handed out to the winners to buy some awesome outfits at their store. This designer is known for their gorgeous O dresses, but they also sell great outfits for men! 

The Miss Roissy 2013 & Mister Roissy 2013 Contest is also sponsored by Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit. Gorgeous erotic artworks from renowned photographers like Marcus Ranum, Francois Benveniste, China Hamilton, and Mick Payton, will be handed out to all contestants! 

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